small order info 
Most of our screen printed decal orders are in the
1000 - 20,000 quantity range...with some orders
 in the 250,000 to 500,000 + range.

As you can see from the samples on this website, most of our business is 'long distance', as we ship decals throughout the USA and to overseas customers

 But we have the printing equipment and art department to do smaller orders, and it keeps local business owners walking through the front door of our business. We like that, and it keeps us invoved in the local community.

Generally, smaller order pricing will start at $45.

Give us a try on any smaller order...over the years they turn into bigger orders and gives us, and you, a chance to start a business relationship, where ever you are.

We can guide you to the best way to produce a weatherproof, waterproof decal or offer options that might be best for your needs. If you are a new business just getting started we are here to help.

As an example:
Screen printed decals are extremely durable (7 years outside in the sun, on a boat !) maybe you just need a paper label for some shipping boxes...this would be simple offset printing where outside durability would not be required. We can suggest a source or get the labels printed for you. We are here to help.
Every order, large or small,
is given the same attention to detail.
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