This type of decal is the most economical in quantities over 500 and is the best for outside use, with 7 years outside life.
Product info. How we do it...
Full color digitally printed decals
Spot color screen printed decals
(Generally for decals with 1-4 separate colors)
This example, Alders, prints 2 colors
(orange & black)...on white vinyl. Price as 2 colors.
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90% of the decals we produce are spot color, and they are screen printed...
If you can print it on your computer, we can make a decal for you. These decals are pricier until the quantities really get up to the 5000 piece range, and have a shorter 3 year outside life, But there is no limit to what you can print...
from photos to full digital graphics.
Spot color decals are priced by the number of printed colors, (plus size ansd quantity ordered). We separate the art (vector type art) and print each color, set it off to dry, then screen print the next color.
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