truck door decal    pricing    
An economical way to provide professional markings for your trucks or any equipment requiring a larger decal.
Also used for seabound freight containers, dumpsters, portable toilets, construction signage.
These SCREEN PRINTED decals have a 7 year outside life under the most adverse conditions.

Availabe as a 16" x 24" rectange, with square or rounded corners.

pricing for one color printing on white or clear vinyl background.
Hillsboro decal is red printed on white vinyl. White background is the most popular choice, as the white background works on any color truck.
Mandy Trans decal (right) is white printed on clear, so the color of the the truck shows through the decal.
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 $58 ea.  $33 ea.  $30 ea.  $26 ea.  $15 ea.  $8.50 ea.  $5.50 ea.
 $232  $264  $300  $312  $360  $425  $550
Prices include artwork and shipping!